We stay on top of the latest innovations to help you get the most out of your HVAC system, tackle your energy costs, and provide optimal comfort. One of the solutions we offer is Smart Thermostat installation and maintenance, covering all the best Smart Thermostats, including:

Google Nest Smart Thermostat, Ecobee Smart Thermostat, Honeywell Smart Thermostat

What a Smart Thermostat Can Do For You

Gain more control and save money. A Smart Thermostat is the easiest way to get higher performance from your existing heating and cooling system while lowering your home’s overall energy costs. According to the EPA, installing one could save you up to 30% on your heating and cooling each year. Each product is a little different, but some common features include:

Mobile App Management

Manage your system from anywhere through an app on your phone. Forgot to turn the AC off when you left home? Not a problem. Many Smart Thermostats can connect to your Wi-Fi network and offer remote management capabilities.

Home Assistant Integration

Control your comfort with simple voice commands. Many devices integrate with home assistants, such as:


Almost all Smart Thermostats can be put on a manual schedule. This allows you to have your system run at full capacity only when you and your family are going to be in the home, during the time periods you need it. (A device with only this capability might also be known as a “programmable thermostat” or a “digital thermostat.”)


Some devices go beyond a manual schedule and, after a brief period, can actually learn how you like to keep your home or office and therefore do not require manual input. They can also learn how long it takes to get to your optimal temperature. They use this information to adjust system operation for maximum efficiency.

Presence Detection

Different design decisions have been made to implement this feature. Some possibilities include presence sensors and presence detection through your phone with geofencing. However it’s implemented, the goal is to save energy by running only when needed.

Remote Temperature Sensors

If you’re having trouble managing the temperature in certain rooms or other areas, consider a system that supports remote temperature sensors. (Learn more about Zoned Comfort Control here.)

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