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At Engle Services Heating & Air – Electrical – Plumbing, you are more than just another customer. You’re our friend, our neighbor, and a person with a family and expectations from companies hired to provide services at your home. We hope to exceed expectations when you trust us for your air conditioning, furnace, plumbing, electrical, and indoor air quality needs.

A/C Service in Chelsea + So Much More

For 20+ years now, we’ve had the opportunity to serve Shelby County residents with top-quality services at reasonable prices. Families know when Engle Services is on the job, they’ll get dedicated technicians that take pride in their work, in doing what’s right for our friends and neighbors.

Engle Services Handles All Your Needs

Our licensed technicians handle any type of work needed with your A/C, furnace, plumbing, or electrical system. We want you to be comfortable inside your home without concerns about getting too hot or too cold. In addition, we don’t want you troubled with sewer smells emitting due to plumbing issues or inadequate electrical wiring keeping you up at night.

Need new A/C or furnace installation? You got it. Want us to inspect or repair the current unit in the home? We’re on the job. We can also provide maintenance services that reduce breakdowns and other issues. Don’t forget we also offer electrical and plumbing services. Call us if you need an electrical or plumbing inspection, repair, or maintenance service.

Why Call Engle Services?

A properly working furnace and A/C system maximizes comfort in the home,  helps the unit reach its full life expectancy with fewer issues, provides you with more peace of mind, and keeps the family safe. Of course, those same rules apply to properly operate any plumbing and electrical systems. You can trust us to provide you with these benefits and many more. We’d love to take care of your heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing needs.